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What's ISDAK Diversity Center (IDC)?​

Hub for Diversity at ISDAK

IDC was established in 2020 to be "a hub for making ISDAK a place where all residents can live and learn from each other without feeling unsafe or experiencing discrimination."

We aim to make a learning and living community where everyone feels heard and respected regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, beliefs, (dis)ability or any other elements.

Any residents are welcome to use this center, but please make sure to follow our community guidelines

A Cloud of Color

​Our Missions

Roles of IDC

Through educational events and fostering everyday interactions among residents, we provide opportunities to learn about diversity and social justice


1) We provide a physical space where all residents, especially those who are underrepresented or marginalized, can hang out and interact without feeling unsafe 

2) We send a message that all forms of discrimination and harassment do not have home at ISDAK.

Safer Space


What You Can Do at IDC

Study / Meeting /

Hang out


Meeting spaces

Board games,



Lounge Hours

​You can consult RAs about academics and careers.


IDC has flyers and books about Diversity/Social Justice and Kodaira area information.

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Pride Parade

IDC Community Guidelines

In order to make IDC a "safe space" for everyone, please follow the community guidelines below when you visit the center

  1. No hate speech, discrimination or harassment

  2. No sexist, racist, or anything-ist jokes or behaviors

  3. Outing is strictly prohibited (Revealing someone's personal information, such as sexuality, against their will)

  4. ​No personal attacks. Always make sure to respect other people even when you talk about controversial topics.


Counselling resources you can use when you experience harassment