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ISDAK Art Contest


We will hold a painting contest for residents this time! The theme is diversity and safer space.
You can entry any kinds of work related to the theme. Selected works will be displayed at IDC (ISDAK Diversity Center).


Selected works will be displayed at IDC. Please know beforehand that, if your work is chosen, it will not be returned unless you strongly request. 

Works must meet the following requirements.

  • ​Be related diversity, social justice, and/or safer space.

  • All kinds of art (watercolor, pencil drawing, digital, 3D works etc.) are welcome

  • Size requirements

    • Paintings/drawings etc.: Below A0 Size (841 x 1189mm) 

    • 3D arts: Below 1m square

  • ​Please submit a short statement about what kind of message you intend to deliver through your work, especially how it is related to diversity and/or safer space (in Japanese or English). If you have difficulty writing a message, please contact your RA/CA. 

How to Apply

Please fill in your name, room number and message in this google form.

Then, please submit your work at the Plaza Office.

Open Hours: 9AM - 6 PM, Everyday.

Deadline: 6PM, February 28, 2021 Deadline Extended


Submitted works will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria

  • Whether it is related to diversity and/or safer space​

  • Ideas and messages reflected to the work (The message you submit will be used to assist the evaluation. However, the writing skills or grammar does not affect the evaluation.

Note: Works which go against the idea of this contest, such as discriminatory or hateful contents. However, referring to those in a non-discriminatory context (e.g. drawing a picture of a hate-speech scene to criticize it) is accepted.


​All participants: 500 JPY Gift Card

Creators of Winning Works: 1000 JYP Gift Card

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